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EuroLinux Vault and Archiving Policy

Vault -

The idea of the vault is simple - it stores older or archived versions of the software packages (mostly RPMs) and allow to create and maintain the environment that requires old versions of the packages, specific libraries or cannot or even must not be updated.

Warning! Security considerations

Due to their nature, the old versions of the software contain security vulnerabilities. Many of them have ready and easy to use exploits. Using unsupported versions of software is a dangerous practice, especially when system is running in the public networks.

Vault's initial and last version for minor releases

From version 8.6 and 9.0 we decided that we will provide two versions for each minor release (minor release is for example EuroLinux 8.6 -> 8.7 -> 8.8), of the vault. The first one is the initial state of the release, the second one has '-last' and it's the last snapshot before a minor new release. This idea originated from community feedback. For example:

If there is no version with -last suffix it means that this version is a newest version.

EuroLinux sources on

We used to provide sources for EuroLinux on GitHub. Unfortunately, due to GitHub's limitations, it wasn't as feasible in long run. Each source needed to be repacked on the client system and source wasn't signed.

We decided to go with a friendlier and more standarized direction after receiving feedback from the community and clients. Since version 8 we deliver the sources as .src.rpms. It's a better solution in many ways, and the advantages include:

  • All source packages (sources used to build EuroLinux and other Enterprise Linux distributions) are securely signed cryptographically
  • The src.rpm is native format for distributions that leverage RPMs. It allows to use common toolchains like mock, rpmbuild, EuroLinux Gaia, Open Build Service, Koji and much more
  • It's easier to mirror repositories
  • It's also easier to maintain

The source can be found at

Bug tracker

If you encounter any missing sources or problem with vault, please don't hesitate to contact as via e-mail (support[at] or fill bug in our distro bug tracker. If you are our client you can contact us on the support site or with sale representative.