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EuroLinux 8.4 Release Notes

Dynamic programming languages

Later versions of the following components are now available:

  • Python 3.9 - module python39 stream 39.
  • SWIG 4.0 - module swig stream 4.0

Web and Database servers

Later versions of the following components are now available:

  • Redis 6 - module redis stream 6
  • PostgreSQL 13 - module postgresql stream 13
  • MariaDB 10.5 - module mariadb stream 10.5

Compiler Toolset

The following compiler toolsets have been updated in EL 8.4:

  • GCC Toolset 10 - software collection gcc-toolset-10
  • LLVM Toolset 11.0.0 - module llvm-toolset stream rhel
  • Rust Toolset 1.49.0 - module rust-toolset stream rhel
  • Go Toolset 1.15.7 - module go-toolset stream rhel

There is new a module containing Persistent Memory Development Kit (PMDK):

  • PMDK - module pmkd stream 1_fileformat_v6


  • IPsec VPN provided by Libreswan now supports TCP encapsulation and security labels for IKEv2.
  • The OpenSCAP packages have been rebased to version 1.3.4, scap-security-guide has been rebased to version 0.1.54.
  • The fapolicyd framework now provides integrity checking, and the RPM plugin now registers any system update handled by either the YUM package manager or the RPM Package Manager.

General updates and improvements

  • EuroLinux 8.4 offers now Subversion 1.14. It's packed as the module subversion with stream 1.14. The 1.10 stream remain the default module that contains this package.
  • New module eclipse. This module has Eclipse IDE but is commonly used to build Java related packages.
  • The nmstate packages provide a library and the nmstatectl command-line utility to manage host network settings declaratively. Nmstate is a network API for hosts and is fully supported in EuroLinux 8.4. The Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is an in-kernel data-forwarding mechanism to route traffic flow across enterprise networks.
  • The iproute2 utility introduces three new traffic control actions.
  • EuroLinux 8 kernel now uses proactive compaction that regularly initiates memory compaction work before a request for an allocation is made. Therefore, latency for specific memory allocation requests is lowered.
  • EuroLinux 8 kernel has now a new implementation of a slab memory controller for control groups.
  • EuroLinux kernel now supports the time namespace feature. It allows changing date and time inside the Linux containers.
  • EuroLinux 8 kernel now supports the Error Detection and Correction (EDAC) in 8th and 9th generation Intel Core Processors.
  • There are changes in the pacemaker resource agent - it now can detect failures asynchronously and inject a failure into Pacemaker immediately without waiting for the following monitor interval.

How to update from beta

The beta repository has an updated package el-release, that contains production repositories. Upgrading from EuroLinux 8.4 beta to 8.4 is as simple as running:

sudo yum update -y el-release
sudo yum update -y

Branded packages

Multiple packages have names changed due to branding, including:

  • redhat-backgrounds -> el-backgrounds
  • redhat-indexhtml -> el-indexhtml
  • redhat-logos -> el-logos
  • redhat-logos-httpd -> el-logos-httpd
  • redhat-logos-ipa -> el-logos-ipa
  • redhat-release -> el-release
  • redhat-release-eula -> el-release - we include EULA in release package

All these packages have proper RPM provides declaration.

The list of the packages that are changed due to branding includes, among the others:

  • abrt
  • anaconda
  • anaconda-user-help
  • anacondafirefox
  • cloud-init
  • crash
  • httpd
  • httpd
  • initial-setup
  • ipa
  • liberport
  • libguestfs
  • libreoffice
  • nginx
  • opa-ff
  • opa-fm
  • openscap
  • osinfo-db
  • python3
  • redhat-rpm-config
  • scap-security-guide
  • skopeo
  • sos
  • subscription-manager
  • thunderbird


Batteries repository contains packages that are needed to rebuild distribution but are not included in upstream repositories. Right now, this repository contains more than 2000 packages for each buildroot.

Multiple batteries were updated for this release there including:

  • mdds
  • meson
  • spirv-headers
  • fontforge
  • multiple python packages
  • modules for bootstrapping python39

Other notable changes

  • Because we changed the business model to open core, there is no longer a need to use FBI (free base image) repositories as they are a subset of entire repositories. FBI repos are removed from the el-release package.
  • EuroLinux 8.4 is first version that can use BaseOS-all, AppStream-all and PowerTools-all repositories that contain all packages produced during build process. However, these packages are not supported by upstream or EuroLinux.
  • EuroLinux by default uses Docker Hub instead of Quay.

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