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Accessing EuroLinux 6.10 Vaulted Repositories

EuroLinux 6 ELS EOL 2024-06-30

EuroLinux 6 reached its end of life on 2020-11-30; EuroLinux 6 ELS reached EOL on 2024-06-30 and is no longer supported. This means critical security updated are no longer provided, making your system highly vulnerable to security threats.

Upgrading might not always be possible due to reasons like replicating a specific production environment in development, supporting legacy systems, or strict software compatibility requirements. In such cases, while accessing the vaulted repositories is an option, be aware of the inherent security risks.

EuroLinux 6 vault

Using the following gist is a straightforward way to access the EuroLinux 6 vault:

Or manually add the following to /etc/yum.repos.d/eurolinux-6-vault-repos.repo:

name=Eurolinux 6 Base Vault

name=Eurolinux 6 Updates Vault

If the GPG key is not present on your system, you can add it with the following command:

curl -o /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-eurolinux

Removing subscription packages

Previously, due to EuroLinux 6 repositories being paywalled, a subscription was required. This involved tools like rhn_register or el_register alongside the EuroMan service or a local mirror. With EuroMan's sunsetting alongside EuroLinux 6 ELS EOL, these subscription-related packages are no longer necessary (unless using custom Spacewalk/EuroMan Forman/EuroMan). You can safely remove them using the following command:

sudo yum remove -y rhn* subscription*