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EuroLinux Containers JumpStart


Using EuroLinux container images is easy. We provide multiple containers and their versions. The most important are base images for EuroLinux 7 (with FBI [Free Base Image] repository) and EuroLinux 8 (with complete repositories - EuroLinux 8 is freely available). All EuroLinux container images are OCI standard container images. You can download them from two primary sources:

EuroLinux images can be run with any OCI standardized container runtimes such as runC (Docker/Moby project) or crun (Podman/Buildah/CRI-O).

To download the image:

Docker Hub:

docker pull eurolinux/eurolinux-8


podman pull

To run a container that will be removed after process exit. You might use:

docker run -rm -ti eurolinux/eurolinux-8

Inside the container, you can check the system version

bash-4.4# cat /etc/el-release
EuroLinux release 8.5 (Tirana)

To detach the container from the console, add -d flag to docker/podman run command.

docker run -rm -ti -d --name eurolinux eurolinux/eurolinux-8
then run:
docker exec -it eurolinux bash
to enter the console of a container.

Other containers

As a company, we create and support multiple containers, including other Enterprise Linux distributions. For example, we provide:

Other containers that we build are:

  • Oracle Linux
  • Scientific Linux
  • CentOS and CentOS stream

You can visit our organization page on the Docker Hub to find all containers that we officially support.

Older Versions

If you want to use the previous version of the EuroLinux container, you must find the desired tag. Example for EuroLinux 8:

Request for Change/Comment and Bug report repository

You can request a change, leave a comment or report a bug in this EuroLinux containers RFC repository.