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EuroLinux on WSL Jumpstart

This guide provides a quick overview of setting up EuroLinux on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


  • Windows 10 (Windows 10 version 1709 or newer for "legacy" WSL. Version 2004 or newer for WSL 2) or Windows 11
  • WSL/WSL 2 installed (we strongly recommended WSL 2 for better compatibility and performance)
  • Administrative privileges on your Windows system

Enabling WSL

Follow the official Microsoft documentation to enable WSL:

About EuroLinux on WSL

EuroLinux company provides EuroLinux version 9 for WSL. The system is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 and is compatible with it. We used our base container image. The official repository is located it also contains the build scripts and latest documentation/releases.

Import and install EuroLinux for WSL

  • x86_64

    wget -o el9-x86_64.tar
    wsl --import EuroLinux-9 "$env:USERPROFILE/EuroLinux-9" .\el9-x86_64.tar --version 2
    wsl -d EuroLinux-9

  • aarch64

    wget -o el9-aarch64.tar
    wsl --import EuroLinux-9 "$env:USERPROFILE/EuroLinux-9" .\el9-aarcch64.tar --version 2
    wsl -d EuroLinux-9


To provide feedback, request changes, or report bugs, please visit our official RFC/Bug repository at Your input is highly appreciated!