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EuroLinux 8.3 Release Notes

Dynamic programming languages

Later versions of the following components are now available:

  • Node.js 14 - module nodejs stream 14
  • Perl 5.30 - module perl stream 5.30
  • PHP 7.4 - module php stream 7.4
  • Ruby 2.7 - module ruby stream 2.7
  • Java 11 with OpenJDK - new version of Open Java Development Kit (OpenJDK) is now available as standalone rpms packages.

Web and Database servers

Later versions of the following components are now available

  • nginx 1.18 - module nginx stream 1.18

Compiler toolsets

The following compiler toolsets have been updated in EL 8.3:

  • GCC Toolset 10 - software collection gcc-toolset-10
  • LLVM Toolset 10.0.1 - module llvm-toolset
  • Rust Toolset 1.45.2 - module rust-toolset
  • Go Toolset 1.14.7 - module go-toolset


  • EuroLinux 8.3 provides Ansible roles for automated deployments of Policy-Based Decryption (PBD) solutions using Clevis and Tang. New version of the package rhel-system-roles adds an Ansible role for EuroLinux logging through Rsyslog.

  • The USBGuard framework now provides:

    • its own SELinux policy
    • notification for user in GUI
    • multiple enhancement and bug fixes

General updates and improvements

  • Git was updated to version 2.27
  • Squid was updated to version 4.11
  • The Tuned system tuning tool has been rebased to version 2.13. This version adds support for architecture-dependent tuning and ability to use multiple include directives.

Identity Management

The Rivest Cipher 4 (RC4) cipher suite, the default encryption type for users, services, and trusts between Active Directory domains in an Active Directory forest, has been deprecated in EuroLinux 8. For compatibility, this release introduces cryptographic subpolicy named AD-SUPPORT to enable support for this deprecated encryption type. The new subpolicy allows you to use RC4 with EuroLinux IPA and SSSD Active Directory.

The web console

The cockpit web console provides an option to switch between superuser access and limited access from inside of a user session.

Desktop and graphics

The Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) kernel graphics subsystem has been rebased to upstream Linux kernel version 5.6. It provides a number of enhancements over the previous versions, including support for new GPUs and APUs.